Nancy Hey

Nancy Hey


The importance of wellbeing and the joy of work. How this is vital to any business in today’s world
We spend a large part of our lives between 18 and 65 in paid work and the evidence is clear that work matters hugely to our wellbeing both positively and negatively.

This session covered the evidence on what is wellbeing, what is wellbeing at work, why it matters and what you, your team and organisation can do.

Nancy Hey has set up the world’s first What Works Centre for Wellbeing that aims to understand what governments, business, communities and individuals can do to increase wellbeing. She is an experienced policy professional and coach who has worked with the UK’s top Civil Servants to introduce wellbeing into public policy. She has worked in eight government departments including on Constitutional Reform. She has degrees in law and in coaching & development and is passionate about learning having established the professional policy community in the UK. She has two young daughters and a devotion to Southampton FC.

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Nancy Hey, Policy Professional and Coach

12.30 – 13.15
Premium Suite, etc venues St Pauls