Antony Slumbers

Antony Slumbers


In his session, Antony discussed how certain technologies are developing at an exponential rate, and why this is changing the fundamental nature of the work we all do. He explained how this is leading to new forms of workplace that are, paradoxically, more human than ever before. As ‘the machines’ take over more and more of the tasks we are currently paid to do, our priority must be developing our human skills, and reinventing our workplaces so that they catalyse these human skills.

Andy explored how this presents an extraordinary opportunity for the workplace and FM industries, and how being the creator and curator of the at work user experience will become very valuable.

Antony concluded by outlining the new skills and mindset needed to capitalise on these changes.

Antony Slumbers has been a software development and technology strategist in commercial real estate since 1995. Now, he consults and works with real estate boards on Transformation, Technology and Innovation. A well known speaker in property, he is a globally recognised expert on PropTech, and #SpaceAsAService. For more go to or talk to him on Twitter @antonyslumbers.