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Re-thinking conferences

As this year’s annual Conference moves closer into sight, IWFM’s Chris Moriarty, Director of Insight and Engagement, asks, ‘what’s in the conference cookbook?’ and considers the perfect recipe.

Over the course of my career I’ve attended, and in recent years spoke at, many conferences. There are a number of benefits from them: getting out of the office, exposing yourself to new ideas and networking with fellow professionals. Whilst it might not always feel like it, these are professional development events. At IWFM we believe in creating a diverse learning landscape which mixes formal learning activities and informal ones; we certainly include our annual conference as one.

With our recent renaming and re-brand, IWFM’s conference was one of the first parts of our offer under review. We were keen to avoid some of the approaches that we’ve seen elsewhere which didn’t ‘delight’ us and focused our energy and resources in the right area; the content.

When pulling together the content we wanted to make sure that we delivered on our mission to empower and enable workplace and facilities managers. We were also keen to create a thread throughout the day and thought about what it was that professionals needed to navigate today’s landscape and the opportunities and challenges that it brings.

When looking at the programme you’ll see that we start by setting the scene and looking at the approach to the day before getting a view of the industrial landscape in the UK. Our second section comes closer to home with the new challenges that will impact the work we do. After lunch we then look at the specific skills that professionals need: listening, experiential design, culture change and leadership. We aim to arm you with the insight, motivation and tips you need to go and make a difference in your organisation the next day.

We have purposefully looked to ideas and experiences outside of our professional circle. In bringing together leading experts from other areas we can explore common themes and bring fresh perspectives and alternative experiences all presented in a single stream of content.

I’m looking forward to Daniel Rowles’ session in particular because I’ve long been of the opinion that workplace thinking has so much in common with the evolution of marketing and the emphasis on experience that we’ve seen in their work in the past decade.

It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait for people to join us. Cold towels at the ready for the end of the day. We’re going to challenge you all the way.

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