Navigating turbulent times 

The 2010’s decade, will be looked back on as among the most turbulent in the modern age. Politically, economically, socially and technologically, times and trends are changing at a quickening rate.  

There is a sense that this rapid change is the new normtraditional lines are blurred aonce distinct spheres overlap and integrateAs professionals we must sharpen our resilience and be leaders of change within our organisations.  

A number of the so-called megatrends impacting society have a direct and demonstrable impact on the activities we workplace and facilities managers do every day. So how do we respond to these challenges? 

The IWFM 2020 Conference will explore these themes with leading thinkers from diverse backgrounds. These are people whose work is directly addressing today’s challenges; they can provide us with the insights and inspiration not only to survive in turbulent times, but to thrive as our emerging discipline steps up to the plate.

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Day 1
24 Mar 2020
Day 1
08 Aug 2020
Nigel Risner
Timandra Harkness

A VUCA world

10.30 – 11.00

Morning Coffee break

Day 1
08 Aug 2020
Pen Hadow

The Climate Q&A

Marjorie Wallace

Wellbeing Q&A

13.00 - 14.00

Delegate Lunch

Day 1
08 Aug 2020

Technology Q&A

15.00 - 15.30

Afternoon break

Dave Coplin
Day 1
08 Aug 2020
Matthew Taylor

The Future of Work Q&A

17.15 – 19.00

Networking Drinks Reception