Get the insight, inspiration and skills to seize  the strategic opportunity

The first ever IWFM national conference came at a key point for the facilities management profession. Still relatively young, the function has expanded in 50 years and is now an accepted feature of any organisational structure, putting it among the largest industries in the country. In today’s fast paced environment, where standing still means going backwards, the profession is adapting to unprecedented disruption as we embark on the fourth industrial revolution – a fusing of technologies that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and relate to one another.

In 2018 BIFM changed its name to incorporate the emerging workplace discipline as it saw businesses beginning to capitalise on this change by focusing on employee experience as the tech-redefined work environment rose up the leadership agenda in the competition for talent. This is an opportunity for the profession to demonstrate its impact on organisational performance.

This conference was curated to provide professionals with the key insights, skills and inspiration to embrace this opportunity and cement its role as core component of a successful business. Leading international speakers, award winning authors, disrupters disrupting and even a hostage negotiator took attendees through a programme that explores the macro environment, the changing nature of work, the skills required in this new world and the motivational push we need to go and make a difference in our organisations.

Day 1
24 Apr 2019

Introductions and UK industry perspective

Day 1
17 Oct 2019

Marcus Child, Keynote Speaker

One of the UK’s leading motivational speakers will start us off. Marcus will set the foundation for the day and ignite your IWFM conference experience.
Marcus Child
Marcus Child

Heather Carey

The Work Foundation have been campaigning for better working conditions since 1918 through advocacy, research and practical interventions. Industry is changing and TWF look at how that is changing the skills and work agenda.
Heather Carey
Heather Carey
10.30 – 11.00

Morning Coffee break

The changing nature of work

Day 1
17 Oct 2019

Lucy Adams, CEO of Disruptive HR

Frustrated with HR’s limited impact, but excited by the difference it could make, Lucy is on a mission to disrupt the HR profession. What has she learnt and what lessons can we apply to our own profession?
Lucy Adams
Lucy Adams: CEO of Disruptive HR

Antony Slumbers, Consultant on Transformation, Technology and Innovation

Work and the workplace in an age of exponential technology: the past is a poor guide to the future.
Antony Slumbers

Nancy Hey, Policy Professional and Coach

The importance of wellbeing and the joy of work. How this is vital to any business in today’s world
Nancy Hey
13.15 – 14.00

Delegate Lunch

The skills we need

Day 1
17 Oct 2019

Richard Mullender, Former Hostage Negotiator, Scotland Yard

Building relationships within the workplace will be crucial as we take on our broader role but in order to build those relationships we need to listen. What can hostage negotiation teach us about the art of listening? This session will give you all the tips you need to go and build the relationships that count.
Richard Mullender: Former Hostage Negotiator, Scotland Yard

Daniel Rowles, CEO,

Employee experience is king. If we need to create a wonderful experience for our teams, what role does technology play in creating that experience; not just to help us manage buildings. Daniel will help us understand the journey marketers have been on and what we can learn from it.
Daniel Rowles
Daniel Rowles: CEO,
15.30 – 16.00

Afternoon Coffee Break

Be the change

Day 1
17 Oct 2019

Carolyn Taylor, Executive Chair,

Organisational culture is difficult to change so how do we change the culture of an entire profession? We’re capable of making an impact but struggle to get recognition. Carolyn is a world-renowned culture change expert who’ll help us address both how we can influence the culture of our organisations (and how our work is seen) and making change within ourselves to fulfil our profession’s promise.
Carolyn Taylor
Carolyn Taylor: Executive Chair,
17.30 – 19.00

Networking Drinks Reception