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Mitie – Connected Workspace – Overcoming FM challenges through digital transformation

Organisations today are facing a range of facilities management and corporate real-estate challenges. These include rising property and facilities management costs, reduced budgets, falling productivity and a fierce war for talent.

Together these result in a need for organisations to achieve lower running costs, greater operational efficiencies, enhanced resilience, improved safety, smarter infrastructure asset management and a demand for meaningful workplace wellbeing offerings that will drive productivity, talent attraction and retention.

But how do we as an industry help our clients or organisations meet these needs?

Unlocking data insights

When faced with finding solutions to these diverse challenges, often while being simultaneously asked to achieve more with less, organisations are understandably looking to digital transformation for the answers.

And the reason is clear. Data, and the internet of things, have long been held up as the solution to almost every workplace challenge. Yet, it’s not the organisations with the greatest amount of data that will be the winners of the digital revolution, but rather those with the intelligence and tools to interpret and draw out actionable insights from that data.

Challenging industry-standard approaches

Fundamentally, the digital transformation of facilities management challenges industry-standard approaches to service delivery. It changes the conversation from input to output-based value-driven service agreements. It also means that we can move away from scheduled tasks to demand-led and predictive delivery – cleaning things when they need to be cleaned, maintaining infrastructure when it needs to be maintained.

Realising the Connected Workspace

After several years of development, large amounts of investment and partnerships with technology giants like Microsoft and Vodafone, Mitie is now established as a pioneer in the Connected Workspace. But what is the Connected Workspace? To us it means embracing digital transformation to improve the performance of buildings and the well-being and performance of the people within them – because, ultimately, we believe that better buildings equal better working lives.

Why not explore to find out more about how we believe it will change the face of facilities and workspace management – today and tomorrow.

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